PF Solution-Focused Coaching International (SFCI)

PF Solution-Focused Coaching International (SFCI)

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Bespoke PRIVATE Solution-Focused Coaching sessions delivered by a certified international coach via online sessions. Distance is no longer going to hinder your access to an experienced and great life coach who has trained with Erickson Coaching International and is passionate about helping others.


About Your Coach

Your private coach is a perfect bilingual (French & English) Internationally Certified Coach. Who trained with Erickson Coaching France and Erickson Coaching International. Aside coaching, your private coach is an accomplished banker with 15 years of experience in the banking industry in both French and English countries. He has multiple degrees - Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship, MBA in Finance and a BSc in Management Studies. Apart from the banking areas, he is also a consultant in human development and an international facilitator. He organizes leadership training for leaders around the world and is passionate about Emotional Intelligence and always seeks to use it to bring the best out of the people he trains and coaches. Among his areas of research is "Emotional Intelligence, a critical success factor in Entrepreneurship.



  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence and Improving it 
    • Self-Awareness
    • Self-Management
    • Social Awareness
    • Relationship management (Team Work, Conflict Management, Inspirational leadership)
    • Self-Development
    • Competencies and developing the needed skills to increase your Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding & Dealing with your Emotions/Crisis
    • Emotional Healing
    • Dealing with failure 
    • Dealing with anxiety, stress and fear
    • Dealing with shame and guilt
    • Dealing with low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence
    • Dealing with unforgiveness, pessimism and many more

  • Leading with a Purpose (Professional/Business/Personal)
    • Do you need help focusing, designing and achieving your life goals? whether professional, business or personal, the coach works with you to create, track and achieve things out of your comfort zone. Allowing you to understand yourself, your emotions, strengths, weakness and how to tap into them to achieve more.

  • How to have a balanced life?
    • Self-discipline
    • Planning your day
    • Balanced life (family, career, physical, intellectual and financial, spiritual and social)


Numerous clients have benefited from these private sessions. They include C-Suite executives looking to make impact with their teams, Lawyers, ArchitectsPoliticians, Bankers, Leaders, Students and more


Tools and Approach

Your coach's sessions have been described by clients as life-changing, excellent, awesome, the best, healing and more. His presence during the coaching sessions, his profound respect for the client’s space, his direct communication and his deep and powerful questioning bring out the best in clients empowering them in the process. He possesses the unique ability to listen actively, to create awareness and to assist clients to take actions, feel inspired and empowered to transform their lives and that of people around them. Aside being compassionate  and natural at this, he adopts techniques in Erickson School of Coaching's powerful questioning process, art of active listening, art of creating space for client, art of alignment and being in sync with client and visualization approaches.

Make Appointment

Choose your preferred package and make an appointment today.

  • 1 Session (1 hour) - (~280 USD)
  • 2 Sessions - (~ 542 USD, save 18 USD)

Subscribe to longer term packages with once a week sessions

  • 1 Month Bundle - (~ 1,066 USD, save 54 USD)
  • 3 Month Bundle - Pay Monthly (~ 1,028 USD, save 276 USD in total)
  • 6 Month Bundle - Pay Monthly (~ 994 USD, save 756 USD in total)

NB: You will be billed in Ghana Cedis (GHS). Above dollar equivalent is representative of exchange rate as at June 2020. see rate