Merchant FAQ

  • Who is

We are an online marketplace providing a platform for Merchants to sell  and for customers to easily buy goods & services online and get it delivered to their doorstep. Our Platform is easy to use, modern and feature-rich including support for both local and international cards. More importantly it is the intelligent and supportive people behind ghanajom that will make a big difference in your business. They go great lengths to make sure your business succeeds.

  • What is the cost for ‘boarding’

onboarding is the process of getting Merchants to list their products on our platform. It involves designing and pricing your product for online, curating images and product description and finally list your products on our platform. At present the onboarding process is free.  After onboarding, you may be eligible for a free* trial period where only the minimum transaction fee (currently 5%) is charged.

Once you are onboard, after your free trial period ends, you will be rolled over automatically into the right package. This is determined by your previous month Net Sales. The more you sell the lower your transaction fees. For example if your previous month net sales is below 10K GHS your new months transaction fees will be 9%. Above 10K but below 30K (Standard) your new month transaction fee with 7%. So on our platform YOU PAY ONLY WHEN YOU SELL no fixed charges! We therefore encourage you to sell more to get good rates. Net Sales from your free* trial will be used to determine which package you start with. 

Our feature-rich and managed service takes away all your complexity so that you can focus on your business and achieve more.

* Featured Products get social media mentions, mailing list mentions, and appear on the front page.


In summary onboarding is free, then a free* trial period (5% per transaction) and finally you move onto a package based on your monthly net sales. With us there are no commitment fees or fixed charges and you can opt-out at any time. This is what we mean by a low

  • How does a merchant get paid

Merchants are paid weekly into the agreed accounts and provided with remittance notices/reports for each transfer. The remittance notice provides data on total sales, less any fees ( depending on the package the merchant is on) . We prefer to make transfers to avoid transfer charges.

  • How do the goods/items get delivered 

While the merchant is free to handle their own deliveries, Our preferred approach would be to use our delivery network powered by Delivery Guru. This would create a great experience for your customers. With our delivery network customers and merchants get sms notifications and are able to track their packages live on the map. 


The typical workflow is that the merchant receives order notification -> acknowledges receipt of order -> processes within specified time and dispatches the order. If you choose our delivery network, then you only need to fulfil the orders and we take care of the rest i.e. getting the package to your customer.

  • Who is responsible for delivery 

It depends on what is agreed, it can be the merchant or ghanajom. The cost of delivery is borne by the customer and charged as part of the online purchase.  This cost is agreed with the merchant.

The option for free delivery cost  during promotions and pick-up items from physical shop is supported.

  • How do we issue service tickets

The merchant will be able to use the QR-code scanner on their mobile phones to confirm purchase of tickets .

  • Who is responsible for promotions.

The merchant is fully responsible for promoting their products. Although ghanajom promotes products periodically, ultimate responsibility lies on the merchant to promote their product.

  • What is the ghanajom advantage ?

ghanajom is an online marketplace with a difference. Our platform is growing fast, modern and feature-rich (see question 2 for feature list). We make it easy for your business to sell online at ZERO upfront cost. NO NEED to build a website that may not work, integrate half baked payment gateways, employ someone for order & delivery management and many more. We take care of all the details to free you to focus on your business. Ghanajom is backed by a brilliant team that works hard for you to succeed, The cleverness around the platform will set you apart from competition.

  • How do I contact ghanajom

You can email our information desk